Slash is here!

Slash By Jason Messina Cover ArtFor years, I wanted to write a series of horror stories leading up to Halloween.

Every year, Halloween would come and go and it would never happen.

This year it looked like the same thing would happen.

But I couldn’t shake the image of three people running into a cabin and slamming the door behind them. I kept seeing the three of them, catching their breath and I had to know if they would make it out alive.

Without thinking, I sat down and started writing Slash. As soon the first words came out, I could see the ending. Like a movie was playing in my head. And I couldn’t wait to get it all down.

So Slash is my take on the mythical slasher-type story. The Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers kind of story. You know the type, the kind with the slow-walking killer who seems to be around every corner.

The Slash novel is in development

I don’t want to spoil anything, but already after writing Slash, I knew I had just touched the tip of the iceberg, there were so many more stories to tell. One story is about what happens immediately after the events of Slash. And then there is another part of the story – one that possibly spans generations. So Slash Book 1 is in the works and will be available soon.

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